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It's about you

We all know what to do if we fell ill. We go to our Doctor. Our Doctor will diagnose our problem and put us on a pathway to recovery. We are served by dedicated professionals who apply years of experience and knowledge to guide us.

What happens if you are not ill?

We are busy people. Busy schedules, constant communications, responsibilities, travel, commitments. How much of your time is 'me time'. How much thought is given daily to doing the rights things for your body? Maybe there isn't time. 

The challenge

So the challenge is three fold :

  • How do I learn about health?

  • How do I discover where my health is?

  • How do I act to improve and maintain my health?

The solution

A Soza assessment will allow you to discover how healthy you are. If not in perfect health, but not ill, it will show you how to act to improve your health. Usually small changes to diet and lifestyle, and possibly the addition of some vitamins or supplements into your diet. 

Our assessment takes one hour, and provides you with a comprehensive personalised report. This is your fist step on the path to health. We will be by your side to help you learn, discover and act.

The Journey

What is the process of getting assessed? 

  • Learn about health.

  • Learn about the Soza Assessment journey.

  • Learn about your tailored report.


Watch our videos to learn more. 

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