What to expect

You have booked a Soza assessment, either directly with us or one of our partners. What to expect next? This section explains the process to you. Click on each topic to expand.

Your Journey

Book a screening

The first step is to book an appointment with one of the Soza Health screening partners.

Communications and specimen bottles

You will receive an email and a text message to confirm your appointment. We will send you some specimen bottles with instructions. These normally arrive by Amazon. You will also be invited to access your personal account on our portal at app.sozahealth.com.


On arrival, our first goal is to get you settled and comfortable. We will ask you for your samples of urine and saliva. We will ask you to confirm that you have fasted for 4 hours prior to your appointments. We ask that you wear loose clothing. Ladies, we ask that you wear loose trousers or a skirt, and loose fitting top. We ask that you do not wear tights or dresses. You will not be asked to remove your clothes, but some of our testing devices need to be connected to your arm, chest and ankle. Your modesty will be protected at all times.

Pre assessment steps to take

We will invite to complete some pre-assessment steps at app.sozahealth.com. This allows us to collect information, provide you with information and make sure you are ready to attend your assessment.

The assessment (Discover)

A Soza Health assessment consists of nine health tests that look at your heart, lungs, blood, kidney, bladder and other body systems. It takes around 40 minutes to collect enough data from these tests to create an accurate picture of your health. The collected data is entered into the Soza system, and after 5 minutes, a tailored report is produced for you. Your results will be ready for review.

Soza Health report

Secure, confidential and advanced “cloud-based” technology then analyses the data and produces a detailed and personalised health report. The report, which takes around 5 minutes to generate, is designed to be both informative and educational. Your report starts with a single health score, and over the course of the report, drills down into the detail. Your data is protected by GDPR at all times.

Report review

We will then spend 15 minutes guiding you on how to understand your report. Please remember that your report is available online for your to re-visit after your appointment.

Tailored recommendations

We will provide you with an Executive Summary and tailored recommendations. We provide you with an opportunity to purchase the vitamins and supplements we recommend, using Amazon or Holland & Barrett.


Your report will give you things to act on. But Soza offers more. We have collected and collated health information from the medical community and the press. We present this to you in additon to your tailored recommendations on your report. You can then choose to act on it as you see fit.

Follow up assessment

Soza Health is a health screening system designed to help you discover early signs of ill health, often before you notice anything. It provides suggestions and guidance that focus on the root causes of possible ill health, aiming to reduce the risk of disease in the future. This is key to successful preventative health. How are you progressing with your new regime? Book a follow up screening after 6-12 months and find out.


Still not completely sure of what to expect? Watch our video.

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